Tech contact for Qwest?

bmanning at bmanning at
Sat Aug 21 06:02:37 UTC 1999

> On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Christian Nielsen wrote:
> > Maybe not an appropriate topic for Nanog... but... it is becoming a sad fact
> > that the clue level of 'internet engineers' is going down.
> I think you mean that the clue density is getting sparser as the Internet
> grows. 

	Er, conventional wisdom has that the clue density is constant. 
	The 'net grows. Appearence of clue is reduced.

	The CAIDA series is really a good idea. Mentoring is a great idea.
	Potentially partnering w/ USENIX once a year would be of great
	benefit. ARIN are trying to get some WG's off the ground.

	There, a few good ideas. Tech. transfer, Empirical (SOP) knowledge,
	Cross Disipline meetings. All waiting for someone to take charge 
	and complete the task. Not sure that it can be in the current
	NANOG form thou. :(


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