Tech contact for Qwest?

Brian Tackett cym at
Sat Aug 21 01:56:52 UTC 1999

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Christian Nielsen wrote:

> > I'm sorry your service needs were not met. In the future please feel free
> > to escalate your problems to senior engineers within Qwest IP Operations.
> > Though I understand your frustration, I do not believe NANOG is the
> > appropriate form for this topic. You can contact me via email at
> Maybe not an appropriate topic for Nanog... but... it is becoming a sad fact
> that the clue level of 'internet engineers' is going down.

Just as a closing note;

I did not write to the list to complain about Qwest or to ask people to
solve the problem. My understanding was that NANOG was a forum for network
operators to share information useful in resolving problems related to
North American networks. 

Thus, I asked for contact information which I was unable to get via other
sources. The situation has been resolved, at least insofar as us getting
hooked up with someone able to handle our situation. This ONLY happened
following my post to NANOG which (BTW) got about 25 responses off list,
maybe 15 of them from Qwest people or Qwest related people.

If asking for contact info is inappropriate for this list, let me know,
I'll desist. 

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