Tech contact for Qwest?

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Quite the contrary, I think responses like these should be posted on Nanog, for the benefit of all the customers of Qwest who would like to be aware of your true service quality. These issues are important to those of us who have to deal with your sales guys and particularly to keep them honest.

I am entitled to my opinion, and so are you; But your's might be influenced by your employer(:

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Brian & Mike,

I'm sorry your service needs were not met. In the future please feel free
to escalate your problems to senior engineers within Qwest IP Operations.
Though I understand your frustration, I do not believe NANOG is the
appropriate form for this topic. You can contact me via email at
mhirse at or mo at  I would like to talk off line.

Mohamed A. Hirse
IP Operations
Network Optimization Group
Qwest Communications Inc.

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Brian Tackett wrote:

> All,
>   Anyone have a knowledgeable technical contact for Qwest? We've been
> working through the night to resolve some problems and been totally unable
> to talk to anyone who will tell us anything beyond "It must be your CPE".
> Any help would be greatly appreciated

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