Tech contact for Qwest?

Majdi Abbas majdi at
Fri Aug 20 17:04:21 UTC 1999

> I'm sorry your service needs were not met. In the future please feel free
> to escalate your problems to senior engineers within Qwest IP Operations.
> Though I understand your frustration, I do not believe NANOG is the
> appropriate form for this topic. You can contact me via email at
> mhirse at or mo at  I would like to talk off line.

	I understand your embarassment and sympathize deeply.  However
appropriate NANOG is for these discussions is basically irrelevant; if
Qwest, as a company, does not want to be publically embarassed (Who 
would?) then they shouldn't do things likely to publically embarass 

	i.e. either hire more clued people, or train the ones you've got

	That said, I'm not questioning your motives -- I do believe that
you genuinely wish to straight this out; just that if someone spends hours
on the phone attempting to get somewhere with your employees and gives up
in frustration, it may well become fair game for nanog discussion.


Majdi Abbas 				<majdi at>
"I'm not sure that the ability to create routing diagrams similar to
 pretzels with mad cow disease is actually a marketable skill." 
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