Tech contact for Qwest?

Mike Heller mikeh at
Fri Aug 20 14:25:07 UTC 1999

hehe. I faced the same issue turing up bgp on a frame-relay circuit in 
colorado.  Some highlights of the conversation were me saying that I 
needed to enable BGP and the tech's response was "I don't know what that 
is".  Mere mention of the RADB caused him to run for another engineer.  
And this was the engineer assigned to my case which I opened with an 
email to their bgp-admin at address.  I'm not sure they have 
people with a high clue factor yet.

Michael Heller
Sr. Systems Engineer
Earthweb, Inc.
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On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Brian Tackett wrote:

> All,
>   Anyone have a knowledgeable technical contact for Qwest? We've been
> working through the night to resolve some problems and been totally unable
> to talk to anyone who will tell us anything beyond "It must be your CPE".
> Any help would be greatly appreciated

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