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bmanning at bmanning at
Fri Aug 20 10:30:26 UTC 1999

> bmanning at vacation.karoshi.COM writes:
> >
> >
> >	Something to look forward to. :)
> Any predictions whether this will have more or fewer affects than
> NIST setting daylight savings time in the wrong month a few years
> ago on WWV/B?

	More. There are more receivers and more dependence on 
	accurate time, e.g. accounting, backups, ticketing.
	Somewhere, somebody, witha  "blind" dependence on the
	NTP presentation will be out of sync w/ their neighbors
	& themselves and at best will waste time argueing about 
	when something happened. At worst they'll overwrite critical 
	data that has financial implications...  I predict.
	Or I could just get/stay lost...


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