WWW/DNS problems

Darin Divinia ddivinia at broadcast.com
Tue Aug 17 15:50:18 UTC 1999

I also had one to ti.com bounce.


At 04:31 PM 8/17/99 +0100, Ryan O`Connell wrote:
>Not strictly a North American problem but I was wondering if anyone had seen
>this behaviour.
>We currently have two blocks of IP address space, 195.224.206/24 and
>193.193.186/23. Everything works fine from 195.224.206 but from 193.193.186
>there are often problems accessing web servers - either they don't respond for
>ages then are suddenly OK, send just the headers in response to a GET request
>then stop or just plain don't respond to HTTP queries at all. This appears to
>happen mostly with Netscape servers although I only have a few examples so far
>so I'm not sure. (www.real.com, www.cisco.com, www.etrade.com, www.bt.com)
>We also have two lines out of the building, although I've tried routing in
>various ways and the problem seems to follow the IP address rather than the
>outbound line. (IP addresses are, for the moment, tied to the line until we
>get BGP on the line currently serving 195.224.206/24 however I can't see how
>this could be an inbound line problem.)
>I believe this to be a DNS problem as I can't see anything else that could be
>causing a problem - it doesn't seem to matter what web browser is used (IE,
>Netscape, Lynx or even telnet) or if a web cache (Squid) is used or not.
>There are three reverse DNS servers in totally different locations (One on our
>site, one on the UK Joint Academic Network and one in Switzerland) so I don't
>think part of the net being unreacable from somewhere can be the problem.
>The only *POSSIBLE* explanation I can come up with is that the IPv6 AAAA
>entries for 193.in-addr.arpa are confusing some nameservers and causing this
>problem. I'm really grasping at straws though - does anyone have even the
>slightest idea what cound be going on? (Even off-list wild-guess suggestions
>would be appreciated.)
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