Reminder: Ameritech EP renumbering

Mark A. Cnota mcnota at
Fri Aug 13 15:28:58 UTC 1999

This is a reminder to everyone about the renumbering activity this weekend. 
Customers received the below note several weeks ago. Please e-mail if there 
are any questions.



To customers of the Ameritech ATM exchange point in Chicago:

As previously announced, Ameritech will be changing the address space used 
for customers at the exchange point. The current space was formerly managed 
by ISI as part of the Routing Arbiter project but is now administered by 
JAM. The new space has been allocated directly to Ameritech, specifically 
for the Chicago exchange point, and will be managed by Merit Networks.

This change will involve a one-time renumbering effort for all customers. 
In order to allow for as much coordination and preparation among customers 
as necessary, we are giving everyone an extended forward notice of this 
activity. The scheduled date for the renumbering is Sunday, 15 August 1999.

In the next few weeks, further information including new address 
assignments will be made available on our web site, 
Questions should be directed to nap-info at

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