Software Started MCI Outage

Todd Romero tromero at
Wed Aug 11 22:25:47 UTC 1999

coincidentally, that _very_ same evening, (thurday night) Bell Atlantic 
asked for a 10 minute maintence window on an SMDS Ds3 that connects a
small regional popsite. When asked what the maintence was for, i was
informed it was "to do a software upgrade on the switch"  :O 

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Henry R. Linneweh wrote:

> According to MCI WorldCom spokeswoman Linda
> Laughlin, the carrier was upgrading a switch somewhere
> on the frame relay network when the device began to
> "experience congestion" and the initial outage began.
> Laughlin was unable to say where the faulty upgrade
> occurred or what the upgrade was for.
> Henry

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