(followup - suckage removed)

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Wed Aug 11 18:04:49 UTC 1999

Following my NANOG posting, one individual was kind enough to forward
my posting to the CEO of, Richard Forman.

Soon I had a first-level support rep who couldn't "ping my domain."
When I started talking words like SOA and NS and MX she transfered
me to Morris Djouejati, who knew those words.

Morris explained they're still working on making the web front-end
be able to remove those extra MXs, but since my NSs were both offsite
it wouldn't make a difference.

This morning I got a followup call from Richard Forman, who wanted to
ensure everything had been taken care of.

I am, in fact, satisfied. has, in fact, successfully
registered a working domain name for me.  While they did make mistakes,
and they didn't respond immediately, I never sat on hold for two hours ;-)

(futurely gavron at

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