At the risk of being on-topic...

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Tue Aug 10 20:46:12 UTC 1999

Ames is currently offering beta services of Gigabit Ethernet, 
channelized FE and FE via a pair of Cabletron SSR-8600's connected to the Gigaswitch
FDDI's with multiple trunks.
Ames has not requested a 5th OC-3c to the Worldcom side of the
MAE-West, nor have they been turned down.  Ames plans to work with Worldcom regarding
the capacity between the two sides of the MAE-West to meet requirements.

If you would like to participate in the beta program, please send email or call me at

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...and the risk of on-topic having changed since the last time I checked.

I heard that Ames has quietly implemented a gigabit ethernet switch that 
is interconnected to the Mae-West fabric. Has anyone starting using 
it/any details to share? Rumor also has it that Ames requested a 5th OC-3 
to connected to the Worldcomm side of Mae-West which was turned down by 
Worldcomm management.

Deepak Jain

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