ISP billing and accounting software

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Tue Aug 10 13:54:20 UTC 1999

I think this is related to NANOG.  I hope :-)

I am looking for ISP software that handles billing and accounting.  It has
to tie in to web servers (how much space the customer uses); to the mail
server (how much disk space is used); to Radius for how long a user is
logged in (or how much data the customer has sent/received); maybe even
poll cable/ADSL modems for inoctets and outoctets; be customizable; have
many APIs to push the data to external programs; SQL based;  etc.  Any
resource a customer uses has to be accountable and billable.  We all have
programs like bind, inn, sendmail, apache, squid, etc but I have yet to see
a freeware or commercial program that does all the functions above.  

Please send me URLs to prove me wrong :-)


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