What frame relay switch is causing MCI/Worldcom such grief?

Prabhu Kavi prabhu_kavi at tenornetworks.com
Mon Aug 9 19:48:00 UTC 1999

So I guess that means you know more than all those smart people (on
both the service provider side and equipment side) who are helping
incorporate lessons from Frame Relay and ATM circuit routing into


Vadim Antonov wrote:
> Prabhu --
> a particluar implementation does not matter when the underlying idea
> is bad.  Any circuit routing for data is broken-as-designed.
> (BTW, the irrelevance of the particulars is why i omitted attribution
> in the first place.  This was a comment on the general state of affairs,
> not on the situation. Thanks for providing details, though).
> --vadim
> >From: Prabhu Kavi <prabhu_kavi at tenornetworks.com>
> >Vadim,
> >Your response is unrelated to the message I replied to, which
> >asked about the link state algorithm that Cascade uses.
> >As far as I know, nobody has announced which set of MCI Wordlcom's
> >switches were responsible for their outage.  Since MCI Worldcom
> >uses multiple types in their network, statements like "goes as
> >predicted - complexity bites" is irresponsible at best, even if it
> >is later determined the Cascade switches were actually the cause
> >of the outage.
> >Prabhu

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