What frame relay switch is causing MCI/Worldcom such grief?

Vadim Antonov avg at kotovnik.com
Mon Aug 9 18:53:02 UTC 1999

Prabhu --

a particluar implementation does not matter when the underlying idea
is bad.  Any circuit routing for data is broken-as-designed.

(BTW, the irrelevance of the particulars is why i omitted attribution
in the first place.  This was a comment on the general state of affairs,
not on the situation. Thanks for providing details, though).


>From: Prabhu Kavi <prabhu_kavi at tenornetworks.com>


>Your response is unrelated to the message I replied to, which
>asked about the link state algorithm that Cascade uses.

>As far as I know, nobody has announced which set of MCI Wordlcom's
>switches were responsible for their outage.  Since MCI Worldcom
>uses multiple types in their network, statements like "goes as
>predicted - complexity bites" is irresponsible at best, even if it
>is later determined the Cascade switches were actually the cause
>of the outage.


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