OUTAGE: MCI/Worldcom frame-relay network

Alan Hannan alan at globalcenter.net
Mon Aug 9 16:07:34 UTC 1999

> I'm confused by your message. Which is more questionable: The MarketWatch
> story which was clearly inaccurate -- it didn't even mention impact to the
> industry they report on (i.e., CBOT) -- or the messages Sean posted?  From
> all appearances Sean's messages were timely, highly accurate, and very
> informative. This is more than can be said of the news media coverage.

> This is the second time I have witnessed you complaining about outage
> information being posted and discussed in this forum. Why is information
> sharing bad? 

  I don't believe that information sharing is bad.

  I think it is good.
  I do not believe NANOG is appropriate for real time operational

  That's all.


  PS - sean's messages were not 'highly accurate' as they maintained
       that WCOM was not reporting on the problems, while they were.

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