OUTAGE: MCI/Worldcom frame-relay network

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Mon Aug 9 08:17:03 UTC 1999

>  The information displayed here is not always accurate, and
>  often subjective.

The information displayed in many forums is often subjective and
not always accurate.  Obviously the MCI/Worldcom spokepeople were
overly optimistic in the CBS Marketwatch article, and also the
Reuters article, before they left on Friday.  As I mentioned the
longer the outage has continued the fewer people seem to work at

>  Usually I'd argue that any information is better than no
>  information, but when the quality is of suspect value, I'm
>  not sure the viewpoint stands.

Sorry Alan, I didn't realize that.  I won't post any more about
this outage.  Call 800-644-NEWS if you want to hear what's happening
with MCI/Worldcom.

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