New Fax # for Network Solutions: 703 834-1852

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Fri Aug 6 18:31:35 UTC 1999

	Save yourself the effort.

	Here are two "secret" fax numbers for netsol registration
	staff that are ALMOST NEVER BUSY:

	#1:	703 742 4274

	#2:	703 834 1852

	The story as to how I got those, and why a simple request
	took three weeks (of daily ``progress'') will be a published
	story once I can sell it :)

>After having called 703 742-9552 with the intent of sending over a
>confirmation to complete a couple tickets, I found that the other end
>just rang and rang and rang. Upon calling Network Solutions I was told that
>the new fax number is 703 834-1852.

> still shows the old number. I have informed Chuck
>Gomes of this fact and hopefully it will get changed quickly.

>834-1852 seems to be quite busy, but yesterday I was able to actually
>get to their fax machine and send the confirmation. The tickets in question
>were completed and closed this morning, so 834-1852 appears to be the
>correct number. :)

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>It really bothers me that there is an IRC channel called #jarjarsex.

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