Large-datagram hop-by-hop delivery mechanism

Peter Galbavy Peter.Galbavy at
Thu Aug 5 08:18:27 UTC 1999

On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 01:19:25PM -0700, Steve Uurtamo wrote:
> to the original poster:
> as much as people like to laugh about UUCP, it still works.
> UUCP over TCP/IP should do the trick.  why not?

Third-ed. UUCP still works. At my previous place we used to sync the
RADIUS servers by having the write-only-master (yes!) send updates to
the Ascend facing RADIUS servers. They were never out of sync for more
than a couple of second when the network was OK.

In case you run an OS that has something old and creepy, look at
Taylor-UUCP ( last time I looked).

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd

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