Large-datagram hop-by-hop delivery mechanism

Andrew Brown twofsonet at
Wed Aug 4 22:47:36 UTC 1999

>I like the idea of using email. Occasionally, though, an alternate
>transport layer will be necessary, and I'd hope that the endpoints
>wouldn't have to know too much about it.
>Based on the email I've gotten, it looks like lots of people have tried
>to solve this. Would anybody be interested in an informal working
>group? Let me know, if so. If nothing else, I'd appreciate some review
>of my draft specification.

i dunno about a working group, but i have done something with this
before in a production environment.  i had to set up a firm-wide data
collection mechanism (for a really large international company), stuff
the data in a database, and generate reports three times a day from it
(for tokyo, london, and new york offices).  a few people whined about
email ("it's not a production system"), but it worked just fine.  and
when my system went down one night, all the inbound data was queued
correctly "outside" and flowed in nicely when i fixed the problem.
email actually works much better than people think.

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