Large-datagram hop-by-hop delivery mechanism

Mark R. Lindsey mark at
Wed Aug 4 22:06:51 UTC 1999

: mark at vielle.datasys.NET (Mark R. Lindsey) writes:
: >I am seeking a mechanism for reliable delivery of large blobs through a
: >network of occasionally-connected hosts that can forward the blobs using
: >available transport protocols.

Sean Donelan writes:
: A much simplier solution is to use "e-mail" as the transport layer and to
: encapsulate a simple method of detecting missing and duplicate messages
: (e.g. a message serial number).  Your application will need to have some
: method of signaling when a message needs to be retransmitted.  

I like the idea of using email. Occasionally, though, an alternate
transport layer will be necessary, and I'd hope that the endpoints
wouldn't have to know too much about it.

Based on the email I've gotten, it looks like lots of people have tried
to solve this. Would anybody be interested in an informal working
group? Let me know, if so. If nothing else, I'd appreciate some review
of my draft specification.

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