SYN spoofing and Ciscos crashing

jlewis at jlewis at
Wed Aug 4 15:43:12 UTC 1999

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Tony Tauber wrote:

> See:
> CSCdm34439 - "configuring ip verify unicast return-path causes crash."
> Found in 11.1(25)CC, fixed in 11.1(26.1)CC.

Actually, Cisco's Bug By ID search shows that CSCdm34439 is fixed in
11.1(27)CC 11.1(27)CT.  When I go to download software, the latest I can
find is c7200-inu-mz.111-26.CC1.bin.

I just ran into what appears to be another bug in 111-25.CC, which seems
to have caused the 7206 to start dropping most UDP traffic (i.e. all
radius packets crossing through it) I'd like to upgrade asap.

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