[Fwd: OUTAGE: multiple outages around the country]

Shawn "CJ" Washington CJ at bbn.com
Fri Apr 30 23:25:30 UTC 1999

Thanks for the correction.  I have never heard of these cities so I tried.
Both of these outages were reported by WCOM.  There are two major routes from
Philly to DC.  One of these routes are between Pittsburgh and DC and the alt
route is between NY and DC.  Remember, these are reports from WCOM.


Vince Fuller wrote:

> > I have a report from my NOC.  There are two fiber cuts, one is in North
> > Royal Town, Ohio. Reason is unknown.
> Maybe "North Royalton, Ohio"?
> > The second cut is due to a train derailment in Ohio Pile, PA.
>   This is the cut between Philly and Washington, DC.
> Maybe "Ohiopyle, PA"? If a train crash in Ohiopyle has taken down circuits
> between DC and Philly, then there is some interesting fiber routing going
> on; Ohiopyle is about 150-200 miles WNW of DC and about 80 miles or so
> ESE of Pittsburgh - definitely not on an obvious route between DC and
> Philly...
> (Ohiopyle is also the home of the Lower Youghiogheney river, one the most
> popular, and one of the easiest, whitewater runs in the east - a great
> place to spend a lazy summer day...)
>         --Vince

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