OUTAGE: multiple outages around the country

Shawn "CJ" Washington CJ at bbn.com
Fri Apr 30 22:41:37 UTC 1999

I hear that it is due to a Train wreck, where, I don't know.


Sean Donelan wrote:

> SEAN at dra.COM (Sean Donelan) writes:
> >There seems to be multiple outages (some providers have said fiber cuts)
> >around the country.
> Geez, did someone let some of Milosevic's people in the country with backhoes?
> I've now also received a report of a Texas fiber cut (frontier or als)
> and outages in Deleware, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania,
> Virginia, West Virginia (mci or worldcom).  It still isn't clear if there
> is one or more than one cut in the northeast.
> I'm also not sure where the Tennessee and Florida outages are originating,
> or if they are connected with the ones mentioned above.
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