NetSOL blames Microsoft for its problems...

Dean Robb pceasy at
Fri Apr 30 04:54:34 UTC 1999

At 05:49 PM 4/29/99 -0400, John Fraizer wrote:
>Will it ever end?  Now they're blaming Microsoft for their problems.  I
>personally use netscape and received the same error this individual is
>complaining about.

>>Thank you for contacting Network Solutions.
>>The problem that you are experiencing in obtaining a secure connection
>>is an error within the Microsoft web browser. Microsoft web browsers 
>>often have problems connecting to sites which use advanced Secure 
>>Socket Layers.  

I'm sure the thousands and thousands of website operators seeing SSL
connections from IE are surprised to learn this.  Note too that this reply
fails to note which of the various versions of IE contains this "error"...I
think that even MS would have corrected such a problem if it existed.

>>We recommend you use a browser such as Netscape Navigator to gain
>>access to our Web site.  The software is available as a free download 
>>from Netscape's Web site at  

Is it possible that this suggestion is made because of this:?

HERNDON, Va. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Dec. 17, 1998 -- Network Solutions,
Inc. (NASDAQ: NSOL), the pioneer of registering Web addresses and Netscape
Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced a global
marketing agreement to promote Network Solutions' Web address registration
services through a majority of Netscape's domestic and international
channels on its
leading Netscape Netcenter portal site. 

Microsoft has no such deal.  

"Let there be light!"...and God invented Thomas Edison.

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