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Fri Apr 30 05:18:52 UTC 1999

In message <199904300412.VAA07247 at vacation.karoshi.com>, bmanning at vacation.karo
shi.com writes:
>> Maybe... but only if you can assign all 8-bit characters in domain names.
>> Last time I checked, it was a significantly small subset of that which were
>> truly valid.
>> At 04:48 PM 4/29/99 -0700, Austin Schutz wrote:
>> >
>> >>your point?
>> >
>> >	It would be possible to assign names to every atom in the universe and
>> >still have some left over. Maybe not infinite but close enough :-)
>> >
>> >	Tex
>Once, -very long ago-  there existed the domain ~^S^P.rice.edu.
>Just to see if it could be done...  :)  4.8.1 was a wonderful thing.
>Of course the memnonic value of same can be a bit hard to retain...

And of course the usefulness of DNS as a directory service is someone
questionable when you do this.  Personally I think if you want random
bits for host identifiers IPv6 has enough to enumerate ever molecule in
the know Universe.

Obivously the severe weather has impacted the clue transport protocol's
ablity to impart clue into some of the nanog posters in this thread.

Looks like work for CLEW-D.

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