NetSOL blames Microsoft for its problems...

Pete Kruckenberg pete at
Thu Apr 29 22:13:40 UTC 1999

This's the first I've ever heard that IE "often" has
problems with SSL. Great response, though. NOCs should just
blame network problems on Microsoft, because everyone knows
that their software sucks.

I wonder if NSOL will go up again on this news...

Completely non-NANOG related, but it made me think about how
Clinton's ratings kept going up the more bad press he got
during the sex scandal. I wonder if there is any correlation
between the public's rating of Clinton after bad PR and
their rating of stocks after bad PR. Maybe all of those
people who got polled for their Clinton rating are day
traders who push stock prices up when bad news comes out on
a stock. They are home during the day...


On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, John Fraizer wrote:

> Will it ever end?  Now they're blaming Microsoft for their problems.  I
>>Subject: Re: [NIC-990427.ad30] CAN't access you secure Payment pagey
>>To: jbiquez at (Jorge Biquez)
>>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 14:11:07 -0400 (EDT)
>>From: help at
>>The problem that you are experiencing in obtaining a secure connection
>>is an error within the Microsoft web browser. Microsoft web browsers 
>>often have problems connecting to sites which use advanced Secure 
>>Socket Layers.  
>>Since the error is actually within the web browser itself it must be
>>corrected by Microsoft.  

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