FYI Fwd: UUNet Outage Today...

Jay Stewart cosmo at
Thu Apr 29 16:40:32 UTC 1999

Oddly enough, I have a T3 to UUNet on the west coast
(Seattle-Kirkland), and we've seen absolutely no routing problems or
impact in traffic on our link.

Is this a confirmed problem?  Is there a master ticker number?

Jay Stewart
Vice President
Olympia Networking Services - "The Northwest's Premier ISP"

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>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 09:15:24 -0700
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>From: joie <joie at>
>Subject: UUNet Outage Today...
>Again...I can't say enough about my confidence that UUNet will come
>to the same levelheadedness they had when they began...before all the
>set in...I hope so...but in the meantime I was just notified about
>In case anyone is interested, UUNet is experiencing an outage so
severe on
>the west coast (USA) this morning that their remaining routers are so
>overloaded it is impacting all of their customers everywhere.

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