Contact handles disappearing mysteriously from the whois database!

John Fraizer John.Fraizer at
Wed Apr 28 17:27:42 UTC 1999

At 05:09 PM 4/27/99 -0500, Kevin Day wrote:

>Could all of this have something to do with why the whois database didn't
>get updated today, and why I'm receiving the same 'request for confirmation'
>emails over and over again? Is anyone else seeing this?

I'm seeing it here.  I've been getting the same ones over and over again
for about a week now.

>Also, a domain of mine somehow got it's administrative handle changed from
>'KD748' to 'KMD44' (both are me)...

Consider yourself lucky.  Some have had their domains given to other people
by this SNAFU.  Next trend for speculators:  Load up on NIC handles and
just wait for bought-and-paid-for domains to be handed to one of them by

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