Preliminary NANOG topics

Susan R. Harris srh at
Wed Apr 28 15:24:22 UTC 1999

Greetings - here are presentations we've lined up so far for the upcoming
NANOG in Eugene: 

    -  Security Attacks and Detection on OC-12 and Above Backbones
       (Y. John Jiang, Cable & Wireless Internet Engineering)

    -  FBI Responses to Security Attacks on the Internet Infrastructure
       (Scott Larson/Steve Schmidt, FBI)

    -  DNSSec and the new version of BIND (Paul Vixie/David Conrad, ISC)   

    -  Optical Networking (Marty Schulman/Dave O'Leary, Juniper Networks)

    -  Wireless Networking and Improved Networking in Rural Areas   
       (John M. Brown, iHighway)

    -  SURFnet and the GigaPort Project (Erik-Jan Bos, Surfnet)

    -  Amsterdam Internet Exchange (Erik-Jan Bos, Surfnet)

    -  Controlled De-Aggregation - A Successful Experiment In More Optimal
       Routing (Avi Freedman, AboveNet)   

    -  InterNIC Update (Mark Kosters, InterNIC)   

    -  ARIN Update (ARIN staff)   

    -  Architecting Multicast Backbones (John Meylor, Cisco)

    -  News from the Exchange Points (Mark Pryor, PacBell, et al.)   

    -  MPLS and Packet over SONET (Alan Hannan, Frontier GlobalCenter)   

    -  Y2K Status and NOC Contingency Planning (Sean Donelan, DRA)   

You'll find abstracts on our (new streamlined) Web pages:

We're also in the process of lining up tutorials.  On Sunday afternoon,
Avi Freedman and Abha Ahuja will offer a session titled "Router
Configuration Management Tools." The tutorial will most likely begin at
2:00 p.m., so please plan your flights accordingly!

And, folks have expressed interest in hearing about several other topics,

	 - Provisioning redundant fiber paths
	 - Wide-area deployment experience with VOIP
	 - Experiences with providing large-scale XDSL service

Please check the Call for Presentations at the URL above, and let us know
if you're interested in presenting a talk on any of these subjects. 
See you in Eugene!

	--Susan Harris, Craig Labovitz, and Pam Ciesla

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