Severe Response Degradation

Derek Balling dredd at
Wed Apr 28 13:18:10 UTC 1999

>This is what we are currently seeing. Unfortunately @Home does not do
>reverse dns for their routers so I am going by their helpdesk's descriptions
>of locations. I do know that the router is in SF but could not get an exact
>location due to @home claiming it to be a sprint issue. This also brings
>back the conversation of RFC1918 addressing and the problems it can cause
>when troubleshooting response issues.

I haven't actually tried this, but I have been told that if you actually 
use @Home's DNS servers and query the RFC1918 addresses for the routers, it 
will give you back "intelligent" names.

All well and good for average-joe-weenie- at Home-user, but not very good for 
those of us not slaved to their DNS. :)


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