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I Am Not An Isp patrick at ianai.net
Wed Apr 28 07:38:08 UTC 1999

At 06:51 PM 4/27/99 -0400, Becki Kain wrote:
>Personally, I'm glad it was posted. I have a friend who has two servers
>at abovenet and they were not told, and definatly not 3 times, what the cause 
>of the downtime was.  I realise it is one of the hazards of co-location of
>your servers, not to be able to run to it, but still would be nice to know
>it wasn't your machines that were down.

In Above.Net's defense, and without making any comment on the cause or the
fix of the problem, I can vouch as a "disinterested party" that three
separate messages went out the tech list @ above.net regarding this issue.
Perhaps your friend is not correctly registered on the contact list or

Additionally, without commenting on the cause or the fix or even
Above.Net's network, I must say Above.Net does a good job of trying to keep
their customers informed.  I've seen notifications for things which might
not have been noticed by customers - things other providers might have
tried to sweep under the rug.


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