Severe Response Degradation

Stephen Stuart stuart at
Wed Apr 28 06:17:15 UTC 1999

> Many people have been seeing high response times (200-500ms) when packets
> route through an @Home 172.16.6 router I believe is at PAIX in Northern
> California. According to the @Home noc this is a tier 4 issue with their
> helpdesk and is bandwidth related. But instead of your normal saturation
> issue the help desk is telling me that the problem is related to a network
> routing storm coming from Sprint Net's network's and affect's many of the
> Sprint Net peers in PAIX. I have been unable to confirm this with Sprint and
> was hoping others on the list could help confirm this issue and it's actual
> reach and/or impact.

Not that the problem doesn't exist, but ...

Sprint does not have a router (or any presence whatsoever) at PAIX. If
anyone at PAIX peers with Sprint from a router located at PAIX, they
must be buying a circuit to a Sprint POP to do it. Since Sprint has no
presence at PAIX, what do you mean by "affects many of the Sprint Net
peers in PAIX?"

Do you have a traceroute to support your assertion that the @Home
router in question is located at PAIX? (I don't know whether it is or
no, but none of the traceroutes into @Home that I do from my PAIX
routers show an @Home router numbered in 172.16.6 as a next hop.)

If there is a problem such as you describe, it's not affecting the
two PAIX routers I have that peer with @Home.


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