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Randy Bush randy at
Wed Apr 28 02:53:18 UTC 1999

> If only they had a few people like you and I on staff, we would not be
> discussing this now.

dunno 'bout you, but i helped deliver my share of bugs to customers in
my years.  that's life in the big city.  what drives me up the wall is
developers who deny problems, "just tell the customer not to code that
way," instead of just fixing them.  as an industry we still undervalue
qa folk, just look at their pay.

but the rate of and nature of some of the problems we see in the net
infrastrucure today do make one wonder about a lack of rigor or a
failure to transfer the lessons from some years of software engineering.
as our society relies more and more on the net (no accounting for
taste), formal methods and the like become more crucial.  whether they
do remains to be seen.

then again, in about '88, when asked why he, hoare, parnas, et al. were
no longer beating the software methodology/engineering drums, klaus
wirth replied "no one was listening."

but, to keep this somewhat operational, would any large registrants be
actually willing to use and or
whatever they would be called?  i.e. is there anyone with significant
data willing to be test victims?  i doubt i could make a case for it in
my company.  what's the perceived gain i could use to sell it?


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