Contact handles disappearing mysteriously from the whois database!

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Wed Apr 28 00:10:02 UTC 1999

Actually, there was a huge stink about the Verisign ad. However, it was at about the time there was a HUGE stink here, about off-topic postings. Guess what got lost?

As for as the rest of NSI screw-ups, go to one of the InterNIC lists. A number of us keep telling NSI that the vampire-shift janitorial staff are NOT system admins. They don't listen. The point is that I would charge most of the last years FUBARs off to incompetance, rather than Machiavellian mechanations. To do otherwise gives way more credit than is deserved.

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> >I'm sure you have no idea what Mark went through to be allowed to 
> >post on NANOG.  Don't further frustrate the messenger...  He likely
> >already has internal bruises for his efforts and doesn't deserve an 
> >extra dose of sarcasm.
> >
> >  -Ren
> Oh -- We know.  It is obviously NSI policy to keep their CUSTOMERS in the
> dark about operational issues with a service for which we are 
> paying $35/yr
> per domain.  Just like it is their policy to omit information from
> information posted on their web site regarding financial 
> information citing
> "proprietary information" although this information is available via FOIA.
> We appreciate the fact that Mark may be black-and-blue for weeks as a
> result of his post to NANOG.  We do NOT appreciate the cloak-and-dagger
> tactics for which NSI is now world renowned.  Lose a record here,
> arbitrarily delete a domain here, remove telephone contact 
> information from
> the web site, redirect to and
> delete/move/modify/FUBAR the information/templates/forms that have been in
> the same location for YEARS citing "Improvements" as a reason -- ALL
> without consulting the public OR the Government before doing so.  I could
> give a rats ass about how pretty their site is.  Their cutesy little
> graphics are a waste of bandwidth.  Speaking of which, I'm surprised that
> there wasn't any stink about them providing ad space to VeriSign 
> on the old
> site.  I want reliable -- dependable -- FAMILIAR service. You
> would think these people had J. Edgar Hoover at the wheel.
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