Contact handles disappearing mysteriously from the whois database!

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Apr 27 20:38:53 UTC 1999

> First, there is a bug in the whois generation code that generates the
> indexes that whois uses. The information is still correct in the database
> that whois is generated from. The fix is in QA now and should be in
> operations shortly.

you have the gall to spend time ensuring that it will work before deploying
it?  while all of us out here who paid $35 are waiting for the absolutely
mission critical whois service without which our lives can not continue!
what nerve!

we all look forward to the new day when all the brilliant nanog posters who
know how to do the job oh so much better will deploy fixes immediately
without testing.  then again, they won't have to, because they won't have
any bugs.

and pigs fly.


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