Above.net off the air

Vijay Gill wrath at cs.umbc.edu
Tue Apr 27 04:33:59 UTC 1999

Anyone who was in the know care to comment on what caused Above.net to
seemingly go off the air for over an hour on 2/25/1999?

I checked the above.net network blocks at all the public exchanges, all
the route servers, and there were no blocks being annouced from above.net
for a while, and then the network entries came back. 

http://www.iad.above.net/traffic/core1.iad.above.net.pos5-0.html seems to
bear out the fact that there was traffic loss.

Having an entire major AS just vanish seems to be an interesting
operational item from the pov of people buying transit or having equipment
colo'ed with them. 


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