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Henry R. Linneweh linneweh at
Tue Apr 27 03:43:09 UTC 1999

Actually they are like any animal as it attempts to survive
in a competitive marketplace and demonstrated rather
clearly they have over 300 online operators processing
submissions 24/7 with over 300,000 applications a month.

I not here to argue the semantics or right or wrong. I simply
pointed out an observation of mine and stated it. I understand
the problems and the frustrations.

The problems now will multiply. soon when more people get into
the game and the expense will go up with the added problems.

I think for the most part people do not now realize the disruptions
to come from companies that do not have the experience or i
infrastructure. I wish there were any easy solution.

I wish computers and networks didn't break and that
software wasn't broke ware when came out the door,
but then if it were a perfect world they wouldn't need
us to fix the problem and yes I am being sarcastic, just
because I can be.


John Fraizer wrote:

> At 04:23 PM 4/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >Actually they kind of did it a round about way. I noticed they
> >have turned to the TV news media to explain some of their
> >problems and they kind of hinted at they were having technical
> >difficulties but that these problems would be resolved shortly.
> >
> >-henry
> And giving the information to the media vs the established channels (or
> even their own web site) is an acceptable alternative who WHAT reason?
> To NetSOL, it is acceptable because they know that the vast majority of the
> media are clueless and will thus take whatever is given them as scripture.
> To those of us who depend (for now) on NetSOL actually doing their job and
> earning our $35/yr per domain, it is outright unacceptable.
> I am not saying that NetSOL is the ONLY provider of services critical to
> operations who is falling down on the job but they DO own the patent on the
> process of screwing up and then lieing about it, getting caught and still
> getting away with it.  (They just license it to the politicians.)
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