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Greg A. Woods woods at
Mon Apr 26 21:09:40 UTC 1999

[ On Sunday, April 25, 1999 at 22:24:41 (-0700), Rodney Joffe wrote: ]
> Subject: GeekTools update Part 1 -
> Based on suggestions, we've now added a new set of nameservers which
> will serve up data on known whois servers.

Cool!  I was wondering when someone would do this.

You're seemingly missing a few TLDs that I've had listed in my awhois
script for some time though (some are just additional pointers to, but they seemed to work last time I tested them).  Have
a peek at (which I updated today to fall back on your list!):

You should probably have mentioned the obvious too -- i.e. how to use
your list with a simple whois client:

	whois -h QUERY-STRING

> dig any
> will return additional TXT records with the 'common' name for the TLD,
> for logic checking (Germany, Japan, Switzerland, International,
> etcetera).

Ah, that's not going to work very well for most folks.  It's illegal to
have any other records with CNAME records.

My own tests show that host(1) [Version 980903], and probably other
tools, get extremely confused with this -- it won't return just the TXT
RR, even if asked for explicitly.  (Actually I'm surprised host doesn't
flag it as illegal right away, but perhaps the problem's with the server
at your end, not with host.)  I'm surprised you even got your BIND-8.1.1
and BIND-8.1.2 named's to load that zone -- I thought they would reject
zones with illegal data.  I would agree that TXT RRs are much less
confusing when seen with CNAMEs than most any other RR would be, but I
don't really see any way to work around the rules.

It would be far better to split off a sub-zone for additional
information, such as {TLD}  You could even split
the CNAMEs into their own zone {TLD}, but that
defeats the convenience a bit for those using it by hand I suppose.  It
does have the advantage of forever avoiding any possible namespace
collision between the sub-zone and a potential TLD.

> - "Smart" whois server handling for those servers that tend to spew
>   output in strange forms.

Personally I like the rwhois output format best -- it's even more
machine-friendly than RIPE's format.  ;-)

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