Non-existing domain

Paul Thornton prt at
Mon Apr 26 16:05:47 UTC 1999

On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, David Shaw wrote:

> There was (and I hope someone who recalls this better than I do jumps in
> with more info) an experiment a while back where someone rigged one of the
> root servers to log NXDOMAINs.. it turned out that the majority of the bad
> requests were for stuff like "WORKGROUP."  Sigh.

I did this with some of the RIPE folks when I worked at the LINX.  The
results (from K, which remember is _only_ authoritative for .) roughly looked
like this:

25% of queries were for '.'
65% of queries were for 'foo.' where foo is NOT a valid TLD

The remaining 10% or so were for GTLD domains, valid TLDs etc.

Also of interest given the RFC1918 debate currently going on was the fact
that 5% of queries originated from 1918 address space.


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