GeekTools update Part 1 -

Rodney Joffe rjoffe at
Mon Apr 26 05:24:41 UTC 1999

Based on suggestions, we've now added a new set of nameservers which
will serve up data on known whois servers.

Requests in the form:

where xxx = tld (de, jp, com, ch, int, etcetera)
will return a record with the correct CNAME and dns values.

dig any
will return additional TXT records with the 'common' name for the TLD,
for logic checking (Germany, Japan, Switzerland, International,

Obviously these answers will only be valid for the whois servers we are
aware of.

will return the valid ip address and aliases, of course. 

Additionally, zone transfers (axfr) may be made for if
you prefer to proxy this data internally. I suggest you do this at least
once to see which tld's we know about.

I will also post the latest updates and features to the proxy shortly. These include:

- AS numbers via APNIC, RIPE, and ARIN.  Queries are routed to the
  proper server.

- ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC "handle" and netblock lookups

- RADB queries

- Queries can be forced to specific NIC servers if needed while still
  using the proxy.

- IP block lookups using the correct registry.

- Self-contained - no external programs (unix whois or other lookup 
  utility) required.

- "Smart" whois server handling for those servers that tend to spew
  output in strange forms.

The same features will also appear in the web-based whois tool at

Finally, as usual, please send updates, feature requests and comments to
complaints at

Rodney Joffe
CenterGate Research Group

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