wallstreet.com goes for $1.03M

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sat Apr 24 23:28:14 UTC 1999

Hank, I'm afraid I can't see "Joel Snyder" anywhere in there, nor
listed as owner, nor related in any way to this.

I'm sure Joel (if he wasn't out vacationing in Napa Valley) would
have beat me to it... but please don't involve him in what he's
not involved.

p.s. I have as much moral high ground as you like.  The domain was
     legitimately registered in 1994, paid for, used, and sold.
     If that's in some way immoral, you're on your own bible, bud.


>Why is this interesting?  Names listed as owners are Ehud Gavron and Joel
>Synder (both from NANOG).  I am happy for the 2 of you but something
>doesn't sit right with me if NANOG as a group always tries to assume the
>moral high ground on network and specifically, Internic issues.

>Oh well, wish it was me!

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