address spoofing

Andrew Brown twofsonet at
Sat Apr 24 04:33:50 UTC 1999

>If BIND could be modified to deliver different results depending on the
>source of the request, or it's interface, then it might become easy for
>people to setup DNS to avoid this.

not running a current bind, eh?  :P

the 8.x.x series bind dynamically picks up and drops interfaces as
they appear and disappear, and can be told on which interfaces to
listen. can actually have a publicly available,
non-recursive name server to answer the queries for the zones for
which you need to be authoritative on the interface(s) to which those
zones are delegated.

then, you can have (if you want) another bind listening on other
interfaces for other stuff.  like the "internal dns" server that you
mentioned.  or maybe a recursive, caching-only server that listens
only on  of course...they can speak to each other if need
be.  :)

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