Peering Policies

Steve Meuse smeuse at
Thu Apr 22 23:20:09 UTC 1999

At 01:40 PM 04/22/1999 -0700, Tim Wolfe wrote:


>Neither of 
>these ISPs seems particularly concerned by the fact that they can access the
>other's network minimally, if at all.  (For some reason some applications
>running over TCP seem to timeout with 2 second delays...)  So in order to

Remember, what you perceive to be an ignorant attitude could be directly
related to a couple of factors:

1. Uninformed 1st level support
2. NDAs. Negotiations could be in progress, but are not for public record.
I doubt that either of the network providers are completely ignoring the
case, they just may not be able to communicate the time frame or actual fix
for the problem.

Of course, I could be mistaken.


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