The future of NAPs & IXPs

Vadim Antonov avg at
Tue Apr 20 06:01:07 UTC 1999

Eric Gentzler <gentzler at> wrote:

>You have missed the news on what current IXP's/NAP's are doing with their
>networks.  All three of the big boys and up and comer Qwest and dumping
>millions into network build-out and DWDM plus DPT technologies which
>address scaling up network bandwidth.  Current OC192 SONET rings combined
>with DWDM and DPT technologies will result in the eventual plumit in
>bandwidth cost.

Thank you, Eric, for reminding me why i started the Tb router business in
the first place.  Btw, did you get any routers which can do OC-192 _today_,
not in the brave new world?

Dragging a lot of fiber never was a problem (except for the Sprint's
capacity planners, but that is another story).   Routing them is (and, no,
you cannot replace it with L2 switching of TDM or WDM kind).  Even tag
switching breaks down at IXPs (where flows are de-aggregated).  The
explanation why it is so is provided in a paper i wrote few years ago: ).

>If you do not have a T1 to your home

I do.


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