NETOPS PLANNING: april 23-25 in Washington DC

Derek Balling dredd at
Tue Apr 20 05:02:01 UTC 1999

God I love this country. :)  What? You want access to your personal 
property? Too bad, the SS, I mean Secret Service says "Nein!".


At 11:24 PM 4/19/99 -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:

>Those ISPs without equipment in Washington DC may not be aware of it,
>but from April 23-25 the city will be a bit chaotic.  The NATO meeting
>will have 42 ministerial delegations in town on those dates.
>What's this got to do with ISPs?  Hopefully not much.  However, its
>been a bit difficult getting accurate information from the US Secret
>Service about exactly what streets will be closed, and precisely which
>areas of the city will be in the exclusion zone.  For example, it is
>unclear whether we will be able to enter a building that faces a closed
>street.  Several major Internet circuits and facilities happen to run
>through and adjacent to these zones.
>A backhoe incident is unlikely.  However, many facilities will be running
>unattended.  It may not be possible for us or other ISPs to get into the
>area or our facilities at 3am to reboot routers.  Please have patience,
>if they go down, we will get them back up as soon as we can.  I may have
>a bit of trouble trying to explain why a person with a Missouri driver's
>license needs to get into the area.
>If you are not familiar with Washington, DC; Mae-east is located well
>away from the excitement and should be unaffected.  However, other ISPs
>may also have equipment in the central part of the district, and may have
>similar problems to us.
>Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
>  Affiliation given for identification not representation

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