Ira Richer richer at
Fri Apr 16 11:55:21 UTC 1999

The FCC has chartered the Network Reliability and Interoperability 
Council (NRIC) to address a number of issues about the reliability of 
communications systems, primarily traditional telcos.  One of the 
issues being addressed is a determination of what information about 
outage data is being collected by "other industry segments" -- i.e., 
communications industries other than telcos.  This includes, e.g., 
cable, satellite, paging, and ISPs.  Wearing my hat as Executive 
Director of IOPS, I am a member of the subcommittee that is doing 
this work.  In order to get as broad a response as possible from 
ISPs, I am sending this message to the NANOG mailing list, soliciting 
your participation in a questionnaire being conducted by the 

If you might be interested in participating, please send an email 
note to John Healy, who is copied on this message.  He will then send 
you softcopy of the questionnaire.  All data collected from companies 
will be protected and treated as proprietary.  The information will 
be aggregated on an industry-wide basis and not by company.

The questionnaire is straightforward and will take very little time. 
I encourage you to support this data-collection effort.

Ira Richer

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