The future of NAPs & IXPs

etignor at etignor at
Fri Apr 16 00:47:48 UTC 1999

>> Will co-operative IXPs proliferate in regional markets?  Will this give small
>> ISPs, acting collectively, more leverage with the larger carriers (Exodus and
>> GTE )?

>What is it about exodus? Are you sure they wont peer?

I was referring to the row between Exodus and GTE sometime back when GTE decided
they didn't want to peer with Exodus anymore.  Exodus, collectively with other
ISPs, was able to arrive at a satisfactory arrangement with GTE.  My knowledge
of the altercation is superficial and I may have my facts wrong.  I think it is
interesting that smaller ISPs may be able to act collectively to negotiate on
somewhat more even footing with the major ISPs.

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