BGP table melder?

Matt Hempel mhempel at
Thu Apr 15 16:29:27 UTC 1999

> Greetings,
> I'm wondering if there is some kind of gizmo which would take a 'sh ip
> bgp' table from two routers, meld them, and break down by next hop AS the
> percentage of best routes per next hop AS.  
> I'm looking for a better way to evaluate possible upstream providers for
> my network than just turning them up and seeing what happens.
> Thanks,
> Louis

I've written a bunch of scripts to parse Cisco tables in perl.  None of
them are distribution ready, but they're all pretty simple to write.

They all require rcmd (specifically rsh) to be enabled on the routers.
This is inherently dangerous, but with a little work you can secure it
down (why didn't Cisco attach an access-list to rcmd like they did with
snmp?).  I found the results very useful.

Once installed, you can do something like this:

open (CMD, "rsh cisco-router show ip bgp |");

while (<CMD>)	{
	< parse output here >

--matt hempel

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