How good is the CIX's connect?

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Thu Apr 15 14:09:47 UTC 1999

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Sanjay Dani wrote:

> I don't understand why @home can't get a private peering to UUNet.
> Both UUNet and @home got a dedicated port on the CIX router (good)
> but essentially are using most of that for traffic to each other.

Ugh, because UUNet will not let them. UUNet wants them to buy transit, not
just exchange bandwidth. UUNet could care less what the delay is, it hurts
@Home much more then UUNet. 
> We stopped using CIX to UUNet a while ago due to flaky performance.

Thats great, but what did you replace it with? Some transit connection?
The stakes are high for @Home. They can't just go get a transit connection
because it may threaten peering that they do have.

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