Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Thu Apr 15 08:23:25 UTC 1999

amb at gxn.NET (Alex Bligh) writes:
>Transits - I did a survey on NANOG a few months ago as to who filtered
>and how (both peers and customers). About 50% of those who replied
>used RADB or another similar database (possibly their own, like
>CA*NET, MCI/CW, Level3 etc.) for filtering either peers or customers.
>However, I suspect this number is heavilly skewed in favour of vocal
>NANOG people who like IRRs. Filtering customers was way more prevalent
>than filtering peers.

I had asked if the routing registries had become irrelevant with the
end of ANS.  Alex's survey indicated some possibly influential networks
still filtered based on the contents of the IRR-like databases.

Although it doesn't affect Alex, April 15th is a date which means something
to about 40 million Americans.  Tax forms are due today.

The IRS web site is based at IP address  What's
interesting is the lack of correct information about this address in the
IRR databases which makes it very difficult for any network service provider
to verify the correct source of this route announcement. is announced by NTIS's ASN 10616 via UUNET ASN 701.  I could
not find a valid aut-num object for ASN 10616, and the covering route object
for was an old SURANET/BBN block for 192.239/16 indicating
a source AS 1.

The lack of correct current routing registry information for the IRS web
site doesn't seem to have hurt its connectivity.  Other the other hand,
it also wouldn't hurt the connectivity of someone impersonating the IRS
web site network route.  The rest of the Internet just has to take the
routes on faith.
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